Is Water Really the Cure-All?

I have notice a general obsession with hydration in the last few years.  I, for one, am always trying to find ways to remember to drink more water - and to make sure my kids do too.

It was engrained in me since childhood that the magic number is 8 glasses per day. And, that if you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.

Nowadays, water seems to be positioned as the cure to all of life’s woes; it is the answer to literally everything. 

Headache? Drink water. Glowing, youthful skin? Drink more water. Feeling sluggish? Water to the rescue. Not to mention, re-usable water bottles have become an accessory.

Our body composition is mostly water - In fact, about 60% of our bodies are made of H2O.  So, it’s really not surprising that water supports all our bodily functions from digestion, energy and sleep to heart, skin and kidney health - and everything in between.

Mindful consumption of water is the goal though. When it comes to hydration, not all beverages are created equal. Too much coffee is a diuretic - the total opposite of hydration! And most juices - while thirst-quenching and hydrating - are typically loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories. That’s where LYNQ comes in. With little to no sugar, yet nutrient-rich, these fruit and veggie blends will flavor your water guilt-free, without the excessive calories.  

Turns out the daily recommended amount of water is 3 liters for men (about 12 8oz cups) and 2.2 liters for women (about 9 8oz cups).  Keep in mind, this varies depending on the individual.

Well, it's only February. Still plenty of time to meet your hydration goals. Drink up!