Sweetgrass +Palo Santo smudge kit

Sweetgrass +Palo Santo smudge kit

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Smudge and clear your space with this sweetgrass brain and palo santo kit.

Sweetgrass is burned for healing or ritual purposes, the smoke from the braided sweetgrass is thought to attract good spirits and positive energies. It is used as a smudging tool to purify peoples auras, cleanse objects, and clear ceremonial areas or healing spaces of negative energy.

Palo santo helps clear negative energy. The high resin content of palo santo wood is believed to have purifying properties when it's burned, hence why it was traditionally used to clear negative energy and purify spaces, people, and objects.

This kit contains:

1 palo santo stick

1 sweetgrass braid (approx 7-9" long)

medium abalone shell (4"+)

explanation card