Our Story

Co-founders, Antonella and Mia are two moms (and good friends!) who share a passion for health & wellness. LYNQ Fruit and Vegetable Powder Drinks - co-founders Antonella and Mia

How it all began

The history behind bringing a line of products made with incredibly high standards and quality ingredients began with a determined mom eager to incorporate more fruits and veggies into her son's diet. He had a series of symptoms doctor's couldn't explain, and co-founder, Antonella Argento went on a personal mission, doing an immeasurable amount of research to try and find solutions. What she discovered was her son's nutrition played a pivotal role in his health, and she quickly realized that our health is directly connected to proper nutrition. What we eat does impact our health and our lives. And so, along with her friend and naturopath, Mia Scaff (LYNQ co-founder) her kitchen transformed into a laboratory for months. As they tested different recipes and created food and drinks her son was enjoying, he began to get healthier by the day. 

"We live by a simple mission at LYNQ - It's got to be good enough for our families before we give it to yours" says Argento.

This is a story of empowerment. Or, as they like to call it, “empowderment”.